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Worrying cyber threat statistics

businessman hand show 3d mobile with padlock as Internet security online business conceptA new report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveals that cyber-related fraud attributed to 51 per cent of all fraudulent incidents for the year to March. This means that call centres must be even more proactive when battling these crimes. Meanwhile, Aspect Software has said that it is crucial for banks and networks to work together, particularly because 66 per cent of this fraud was aimed at credit and bank accounts.

Many telephone answering services are increasing their self-service options to meet the demands of modern consumers. This often includes the development of mobile apps and allowing customers to log in through mobile web. Although this often helps people help themselves, Aspect Software’s customer engagement centre expert, Keiron Dalton, suggests it could also be attributing to the rise in banking fraud.

Dalton said: “Both financial institutions and mobile network operators need to work together and be more proactive in protecting their customers’ accounts data and relationships as they tackle this growing issue. In the case of the banking industry this is critical, especially as fraudsters tend to follow the channels of adoption as they are following the money.”

Dalton expressed that mobile security is still in its infancy. Despite this, there are around 10.5 million logins to banking apps every day in Britain, opening many opportunities for cyber thieves to take advantage.

For call centres, the need to produce self-service options will continue as long as there is demand from consumers. However, it is also important to maintain tight security measures to keep consumers safe from fraud.

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