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Worried Savers Make More Work For Call Centres


Call centre operator 2Touch is looking to add 250 jobs to its Sunderland workforce of more than 750 over the next three months as it expands to deal with a rise in calls to its clients in the financial services sector.


The said it had been busier since the onset of the economic downturn, with anxious banking customers calling to check on their finances as well as how they are affected by Government bail-outs.

The firm, which is owned by London parent Acxiom, employs 496 people to handle its inbound and outbound calls as well as 245 people to carry out its warehousing and fulfilment operations on Wearside, its only centre.

HR director Yvonne Charlton said: “The downturn has been kind to us in that a number of our financial services customers are concerned about their personal finances at the moment, which is understandable.

At GoResponse, we’re also seeing a steady increase in our business as an increasing number of clients look to outsource business functions to us; along with SMEs who are also trying to minimise staff costs and associated overheads.

Whilst we are never glad to see either our clients or potential clients’ businesses put under pressure; we are committed to supporting businesses throughout this difficult financial period.

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