GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Working together for great customer service

Those who opt for a call centre telephone answering service will find that the management of the workforce can work very well in conjunction with the call routing systems.  The two systems are able to support the working of the other and as there is a growing focus on the value of the customer experience, it is important to consider how these two systems work together.

The routing design of the call system is very important as the customer needs to be correctly identified and then routed to a call centre agent that can help them.  Call centres need to forecast the requirements and the more accurate the forecast, the more effective the system will be.  This will allow the call centre to work out staffing levels and the flexibility required from the staff.

The workforce management at the telephone answering service will be able to work with the intelligent routing system so that the right people can be provided on the phones at the right time.  This helps to ensure that the effectiveness of the call centre is maximised.  When trying to achieve high levels of customer service it is the people that will make the difference.  Ensuring that staff members are fully trained is essential.  The software that links the call to the agent is only a small part of the process and a good call centre will be able to find the right balance between the software systems and investment in people.

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