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Working Together Creates A Win Win

Responding to James Jones’

blog entry regarding confusion between “Telephone Answering Services” and “Virtual Offices”, although the two services are distinct – perhaps there’s a way to work together and create a win for the businesses and for clients alike:

I’ve previously been a provider of technology to business centres/serviced offices; and now work in a “bureau” call centre offering amongst other things, telephone answering and virtual PA services. So I’ve seen both sides of this coin.

I completely agree with James’ comments – as a call centre, we often get asked for a full virtual office package (including the telephone answering).

One thought that comes to mind is that (especially for smaller centres) having a reception presence at the phone constantly is quite demanding. When the phone receptionist is also the main receptionist and has to deal with other requests from clients and visitors, then being there by the phone constantly is not always possible.

Could there be a way for telephone answering services to support the serviced office staff during peak times, or offer cover past 5.30/6pm? Or if your clients are advertising and generating a larger volume of phone calls, when these overflow to reception, is this a fair use of your resource?

Perhaps working side-by-side could offer benefits to the businesses and their clients alike?


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