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Workforce management tools important for call centres

Workforce management (WFM) tools can be vital for call centres if they are to maintain a smooth and streamlined service.  Getting the management of staff right can be difficult, especially for those new to the area.  However, by using WFM tools properly, telephone answering services can create a simple schedule that suits everyone.

One of the most important things to do when setting up a WFM product is to engage with employees about the benefits the software will bring.  Whilst software can create extremely effective schedules, these will only work if employees stick to them.  Time should be spent engaging with staff, with the benefits to both customers and employees explained.  If everyone’s on board, even the simplest of schedules can become very effective.

Another important part of using WFM tools is to constantly review variances and try to identify what caused them.  It is a good idea to look over past days and weeks where things went wrong and determine why the errors occurred.  Once these are identified, changes to schedules can be made to prevent future problems.

Finally, even if planning a schedule by the book, it is important to bear some human logic in mind.  People cannot work every minute of the day, so some buffering needs to be added to schedules.  This will give staff time to move between activities and ensure a smooth schedule to maximise performance.

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