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Workforce management tools essential for smooth sailing

call CentreFor all call centres, it is vital to utilise the right tools and get processes running as close to perfectly as possible. One piece of software that is essential is workforce management. This provides executives with a way to accurately forecast potential problems, giving managers time to circumnavigate hurdles before they become too problematic.

Although some telephone answering services might think they can get by with a simple Excel spreadsheet, there are serious limitations with this process. Data has to be manually imported, raising the possibility of potential mistakes. It’s also time-consuming and can cause problems if call centres want to utilise chat, email, and outbound call data as well as information received from the ACD systems.

Another issue with Excel is that it’s extraordinarily hard to program algorithms to correctly optimise agent schedules. This is easily achieved with a workplace management system, however, allowing executives to have the right number of staff on hand at any given time. This can also take into account the fluctuation of peak traffic activity and quiet moments, whether these are on a daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis.

Getting a workforce management tool in place can help call centres considerably, ensuring that the movements of their agents are as optimised as possible. By being able to forecast staffing levels against predicted demand, companies can put themselves on the path to smooth sailing and boost their productivity.

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