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Workforce management rescues call centres during busy periods

Call centreWith the summer holidays in full swing in the UK, many companies may be seeing higher-than-normal demand for their call centre services. Even those brands that have added more agents to their schedule could be struggling to cope, especially those involved with seasonal summer products and services. For firms that need to optimise their telephone answering services during busy periods, a workforce management (WFM) tool is a must-have.

Many call centres are well rehearsed for busy periods, when the levels of callers may rise whilst agent availability drops due to scheduled annual leave. However, incidents such as last-minute training needs, unforeseen absences, and staff sickness cannot be planned for. At busy times, being down by even one agent can have a significant effect on response time and customer services quality.

Using one of the newest upgrades, WFM tools can help solve staffing issues during busy periods. Many solutions are an easy-to-use single tool that allows executives to manage their staff, forecast demand, gain insights and create automatic schedules. They have flexible, real-time planning that allows users to reschedule contact centre agents at a moment’s notice. Solutions can also provide cost and time efficiencies by utilising a mix of strategic planning and instant fine tuning to carefully control resources.

For many call centres, seasonal fluctuations can be planned and prepared for, with experienced executives ready to deal with busy periods. Using a WFM can help even these firms, however, by ensuring they offer consistently high service regardless of their inbound traffic levels.

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