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Workforce management requires careful calculation

call CentreFor many call centres, getting staffing levels right can be an on-going issue. Without enough agents, telephone answering services can become overburdened and ineffective. With too many employees, there’s not enough work to keep everyone occupied. With some careful calculations, however, scheduling can become easier, enabling companies to become more efficient whilst boosting customer and staff satisfaction.

The first step to better workforce management is working out how many agents are required to complete a specific workload in a set timeframe. This can give firms a better idea of how many agents they’ll actually need. Second, it’s important to schedule according to workforce, not business operation. Although drafting employees in to meet a business’s needs might seem like a good idea, this can push up staff attrition because hours aren’t necessarily shaped by convenience. By modelling rotas based on agent requirements whilst taking into account the predicted workload, firms can optimise efficiency.

Finally, workforce management also involves tracking staffing and service plans against real-time performance. By recalculating initial observations using real handle times and call volumes, small adjustments can be made to ensure call centres work seamlessly. It is not easy to staff telephone answering services, and random traffic load, externally generated work, and customer queue invisibility complicates matters. However, taking a structured approach to these matters can make scheduling easier.

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