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Workers distracted 17 times per day

New research from Jabra has found that the average employee is distracted up to 17 times every day. This can significantly affect their productivity. In the organisation’s “The Productivity at the Office – Challenges 2015” report, Jabra revealed that one of the most difficult environments is collaborative workspaces.

Call centres are traditionally laid out as open-plan office spaces, with agents working alongside each other as they engage with customers. However, the Jabra report found that such collaborative environments are some of the worst when it comes to boosting efficiency. Among the survey respondents who question the productivity of social environments, 34 per cent are located in open-plan offices. Thirty-five per cent of people said these spaces are the least efficient.

Jabra also showed how many people are unable to organise collaborative time that results in productivity. For example, more than 50 per cent said that meetings are a waste of time when there is no clear agenda or direction. A lack of decision-making was cited by 32 per cent as a reason that meetings failed, whilst 31 per cent said that no follow-up meant the collaborative time was wasted. A lack of preparation and bad effects from latecomers were also mentioned by 26 per cent and 25 per cent of people respectively.

Jabra UK & Ireland’s Nigel Dunn said: “Productivity is critical to business success and remaining competitive. Every allocated resource should be used to its best advantage and to the most benefit to the organisation, with processes and tools in place to make sure this happens.”

For telephone answering services, attention must be made to ensure work environments provide the best chance for high productivity.


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