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Work hours and pay don’t affect work-life balance

A new report has found that the number of hours people work and the amount they get paid does not necessarily affect their work-life balance.  Randstad UK showed that some of the UK’s longest working individuals actually had the most contented lives.  This means that call centre managers do not necessarily have to worry about longer shift patterns affecting their workers.

Getting shift patterns right for telephone answering services centres is crucial to ensure that enough agents are available to deal with call traffic.  However, agents do not always have to work shorter shifts, as it seems that many people working many hours every week still consider themselves to have a good work-life balance.

In a survey of 2,000 employees, those in Yorkshire and Humberside, and the South East, were found to be the happiest, with people working 37 hours and 13 minutes, and 37 hours and 47 minutes respectively.  The least content with their lives were those in the South West, despite them having a shorter working week than the average 37 hours and 40 minutes for British employees.

Randstad UK’s Managing Director, Mark Bull, said: “This research proves that the key to better balance is not simply to work shorter hours or earn more cash.  A more holistic approach is needed to find rewarding work that interests and engages us.  It’s not simply about putting up with anything in return for more money or time.”

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