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Why telephone answering services please first-time callers

It is no secret that customers prefer to speak to a human being when they call a call centre instead of getting an automated, computer-generated response, and a new study shows just how detrimental the effect of an unanswered call is on sales.

A study carried out by Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories found that 80 per cent of callers who were calling a business for the first time were unlikely to make a second attempt if their first call went unanswered or the line was busy. This was shown to result in a potential loss of £15.3bn in revenue for businesses in the UK.

Another survey carried out by Marketing Week showed that customers who claimed to have had poor or negative experiences with businesses cited being put on hold as a significant contributing factor.

For small to medium sized businesses, the best and easiest way to avoid customer dissatisfaction and loss of sales would be to outsource their incoming calls to a dedicated telephone answering service. Businesses could rest assured that calls to their number would be answered professionally and in their name, with the staff trained to respond to frequently asked questions. Such a service can also be entirely tailored to a client’s needs in terms of the hours covered and available budget. The bonus is that customers would not be able to tell that their call was being dealt with by a call centre rather than an active staff member of the business in question.

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