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Why social media is increasingly important for call centres

Social media growth has been vast over the past few years, and whilst some may have thought that the likes of Twitter and Facebook would be short-lived hypes, these platforms have now become a way of life.  Call centres are increasingly engaging in social media, offering a great way to connect with customers, deal with enquiries and receive crucial feedback.

Despite the positive benefits of social media, many call centres still do not use the networking tools available to them.  In a new report, the UK Contact Centre Decision-Makers’ Guide, it was revealed that 28% of telephone answering services in Britain think of social media as a “wait and see” channel.  Meanwhile, whilst 44% are actively using places such as Facebook and Twitter, only 26% actually see these networks as a major opportunity.

One of the report partners, Susannah Richardson, explained that many services accessing social networking use the “We will get back to your query in X days.”  However, this simply is not acceptable in modern standards because “Consumers choose social because they assume they will get a fast resolution to their request not just a standard corporate response.”

For any individual looking to utilise a new call centre, looking at a service’s social networking use is important.  This engagement with customers can be an extremely important indicator of how call centres address client queries and problems.  By ensuring that a call centre uses social networking in a positive way, individuals can be confident that centres are a modern firm to suit their needs.

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