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Why Outsourcing More Than Call Centres may Work

A telephone answering service is one way to take care of consumers; another is to outsource production of your goods to provide greater value to your clients.

According to Reuters, Barry Callebaut signed a new long term contract with an outsourcing centre in Latin America. Barry Callebaut AG is one of the largest producers of chocolate and cocoa products in the world. The agreement has been signed with Turin, a top Mexican Group in Latin America. The company has operated since 1928, marketing consumer and gourmet food.

A contract such as this helps one understand the reasons outsourcing can be beneficial to a company. Call centres are just one reason for outsourcing, but the AG agreement represents another option. A call centre allows your customer service representatives to answer questions. A company like AG needs a contract with a distribution company in order to sell high quality chocolate brands. Turin is going to be the main distributor for Barry Callebaut’s Cacao Barry, Callebaut and Sicao brands.

Barry Callebaut feels the contract with Turin will be a successful working partnership because it adds to their production facilities. Answering services that are outsourced can also add to your company’s facilities in that clients can obtain answers to their questions right away. Your industry is going to determine what is possible and what makes the most sense to outsource. Barry Callebaut AG is just one example of the increased benefits one can find through outsourcing.

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