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Why all small businesses should use telephone answering services

If you are a small business enterprise that delivers specialist training courses on technical subjects, getting new clients and taking training orders from clients is imperative for your business to succeed. However you might not be able to afford to employ a person just to answer the telephone.

While you are taking a training course, you can’t take calls from prospective clients, nor can you make calls to prospective clients to try to win new contracts. But you still need to have a steady influx of work so that you can make your business a success.
What you can do here is use a telephone answering service that can specifically cater for your niche sector. The person who answers your business calls can be briefed in the service you sell and can answer specific questions, as well as take booking for places on your training courses.

A telephone answering service can report enquires in real time, giving you the chance to make follow up calls as necessary. This can give the impression that your business is larger than it perhaps is, which can impress future customers.

People prefer to speak to a person rather than an automated answering service, and many people actually refuse to leave messages on these devices which can mean a loss of business. If you have a virtual receptionist, they will be able to handle your calls personally which you can follow up and turn into sales.

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