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WhatsApp and video channels gaining ground

Call Center OperatorNew data has shown that many call centres are increasingly using WhatsApp and video channels as a way to engage with customers. Over the coming two years, experts forecast that these channels will experience further growth, with WhatsApp growing by 470 per cent and video getting a 311 per cent boost.

In a survey of more than 400 telephone answering services, Intelecom questioned businesses about their current and future investments. Their findings revealed that even though voice remains the predominant channel, it is closely followed by email, mail and fax. Webchat is growing by 82 per cent, whilst 41 per cent of respondents said social media is on the rise, with Facebook the top communication platform. This is closely followed by Twitter.

The responses to questions about commonly utilised metrics revealed that the service level, customer satisfaction and first contact resolution are used the most often. It was also highlighted that Average Handling Time remains an important factor when measuring the performance of engagement on video, WhatsApp and webchat.

Intelecom’s managing director of the Contact Centre Division, Børge Astrup, said: “The results show that the contact centre is very much alive and kicking with customer service as a priority. There is plenty of scope for technological advances and business growth as the contact centre transitions to a truly multichannel environment and transforms itself into a highly interactive customer engagement forum.”

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