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What not to do when using social media

Call centres have to increasingly use social media channels to connect with their clients. There are many tips available outlining how to go about this correctly, but it is sometimes useful for telephone answering services to read about what they should not be doing instead.

There are many common errors made by businesses when they begin to use social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Forgetting that any tweet or content post is still a business transaction is a major problem. Everything that appears on a firm’s social media channel can affect their branding, so professionalism must be kept at all times. It is also important to remember that for call centres adopting social networking tactics, the channel shouldn’t come in second place. Instead, it should be prioritised as jointly first, ensuring that customers receive one continuous and consistent service.

It can be extremely easy to make things overly complicated on social networks, but this must be avoided at all costs. Twitter allows only 140 characters for a reason- to keep things simple and bite-sized. Long-winded and complex articles or ideas can be saved for websites. On social platforms, content must be brief and concise.

Finally, another common mistake is sending out responses that are not only delayed but also impersonal. Spending time addressing each client individually is vital if the right connection and engagement is to be made. Not addressing this can be a huge problem for businesses, especially those connecting with social media for the first time.

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