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What not to do when it comes to social media

Social media has become a vital tool for businesses, and in the modern age, many call centres have used platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to bolster their customer reach. However, not understanding how these networks work can be a major problem for telephone answering services. Therefore, it is vital to avoid making obvious mistakes.

One of the major things to avoid is using copy-and-paste responses. Non-personalised messages are quickly identified in the social media world, and they’re not well received by members of the public. In addition, failing to reply within a timely manner is also a big no-no. Whilst call centres can get away with a reply standard of 24 hours for emails, customers need to get a reply within an hour on sites like Facebook and Twitter if the best service is to be achieved.

Meanwhile, it is also vital to separate social media marketing and customer services handles. People want to be able to choose which option to follow when it comes to Twitter feeds or Facebook pages. Shoving customer conversations and marketing messages in one place is a bad idea. Instead, a clear help platform should be established.

Finally, in the same way that opening hours are advertised, online social media hours should also be publicised. This means that customers know when they can expect a response, enabling call centres to make a good impression online.

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