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What is good customer service?

There is no doubt that 2013 has been an important year for customer service, with more companies than ever realising the vital need to treat consumers in the best way possible.  Whilst call centres do their utmost to ensure a positive experience, it is important to stand back once in a while and ask the question, what is good customer service?

Perhaps the best form of customer service is when it looks as if it has never there because it is so subtle that consumers don’t require it.  However, in the telephone answering services sector consumers are actively calling lines for help, initiating the consumer experience.  In any call centre workplace, it is vital to have knowledgeable agents, and such personnel can help drive first contact resolution rates higher.  The better the rate, the more people’s needs are being met within one call, optimising good customer service.

Another important consideration to make is whether agents are allowed to do their jobs without a lot of bureaucracy.  Agents should be empowered to deliver front line care to customers without constantly needing backup.  They should also be efficient whilst being a company advocate.  This allows them to provide the best customer care possible, not only building their own skills and confidence, but ensuring that customers have their needs catered to quickly.

Good customer service can be many things, but ultimately it must ensure that any company interaction with consumers is a positive experience.  By providing a positive spin on things, firms should note ongoing custom and repeat business.

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