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WFM tools could save money

One of the most important aspects of modern business is efficiency. Making tiny and seemingly insignificant cost savings on a regular basis can mount into a sizeable sum of money. Therefore, call centres must strive to optimise all operational areas. By using a workforce management (WFM) solution, processes can be streamlined and expenses can be reduced.

In the telephone answering services environment, one of the best uses for any WFM tool is to help provide forecasts to help manage staff levels. By looking into the analytics of a WFM tool, companies can better identify which periods are their busiest and slower times, both on a seasonal scale and down to daily or weekly levels. As a result, staff can be hired and scheduled so the right number of agents are always on hand, boosting customer care, reducing waste, and saving money.

There are also metrics to consider, and WFM tools can have a direct impact upon the Abandonment Rate (ABR) and Average Speed of Answer (ASA). This can help companies adhere to strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs), allowing for penalties to be avoided and bonuses to be awarded when appropriate.

Finally, with better staff planning comes increased worker retention. The recruitment and hiring process is very expensive, so retaining agents is important. Using WFM not only directly offers savings, but it can also help avoid indirect costs such as recruitment.

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