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WFM supports future of remote working

Workforce ManagementOver the past few years, businesses around the world have seen an increase in flexible working, from allowing employees to work from home once in a while to hiring employees who live in a different country altogether. By using Workforce Management (WFM) tools, call centres leverage flexible working to provide benefits for staff, customers and the company as a whole.

In the modern era, many people expect their company to offer remote working. In fact, flexible working is often one of the top considerations for people when looking for a new job. This can help telephone answering services and other organisations to attract the best candidates. WFM tools can help to answer the flexible working demand, and they offer many features that can ease the transition.

First, WFM tools allow agents to log into a system from anywhere, check who else is working and notify managers they are ready to start. Self-service and automation tools allow agents to change their schedules when needed and request time off with the click of a button.

Meanwhile, for managers, intelligent resourcing means that historical data can be retrieved quickly to help predict how many agents are needed and the right skills to source. This ensures that call centres are never left with too few agents working at any given time. In the event that this does occur, WFM tools normally have an instant notification option that can be used to bring last-minute agents online.

The demands for remote working are only expected to grow over the coming months and years. For companies that want to get ahead, utilising WFM solutions now is a step in the right direction.

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