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Welsh Call Centre Tops Awards

A Welsh call centre in Porthmadog has won an award for the best use of Welsh in a contact centre; and they’re from the friendly HMRC!


The Porthmadog office deals with over 10,000 Welsh speaking customers a year.

Dealing with 22,000 calls, 25,000 letters and forms annually means that the 15-strong team must have an understanding of all aspects of the department’s taxes work.

They handle enquiries on subjects as diverse as child tax credits to stamp duty, taking calls from any of the department’s helplines, face to face or by responding to written enquiries.

They also carry out home visits to local customers unable to visit the Porthmadog office.

The Welsh Contact Centre won the award, which has been running for 11 years, at its first attempt.

John Kent, Regional Operational Manager for HMRC, said:”The team may be small but they certainly deliver the goods, meeting and exceeding delivery targets through a flexible and comprehensive service.”

For the full story see the News Wales site.

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