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Webchat not always cheaper than phone calls

In the digital age, many companies are looking for fresh ways to communicate with their customers. One option that is becoming increasingly popular is webchat, which allows consumers to talk to call centre agents through a chat box instead of a phone call. However, despite many opinions, it is not always a cheaper alternative.

Some brands might think that utilising webchat could reduce their operational costs. Whilst agents can only speak to one person at a time, webchat experts can conduct several conversations at once. However, in general, most firms only allow agents to deal with a maximum of two webchats at once. With chats often lasting twice as long as the average phone call, savings can be negligible.

Industry feedback has shown that running two concurrent chats can impact costs. For example, call centre professional Rob O’Malley said that “on a like-for-like basis, webchat is more expensive when you’re doing two consecutive chats. I’ve seen companies do up to seven chats, which would be cheaper, but this only really work on very transactional-type chats.”

In addition to costs, it should be noted that webchat could also increase demands for telephone answering services. This is because adding a chat option opens up a new communication channel to an entirely new demographic, providing the potential to increase agent workloads.

Of course, webchat certainly does have a place within the call centre system. However, firms should not introduce it purely as a cost-saving method.

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