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Webchat growth to exceed social media

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the role of social media in the call centre, and the platform is becoming increasingly important for telephone answering services to address.  However, one expert, Dr. Nicola Millard, has said that webchat will become the largest growing channel of the future.

When asked for future predictions for the call centre industry, Dr. Millard revealed that she expects webchat to become an extremely important channel in the coming years.  Up to 90% of consumers want support when they are online, making webchat a crucial tool for affecting someone’s purchasing decision.  One of the best aspects is that it gives consumers a way to obtain answers without having to leave the device or webpage they are on.  This means that answers and support can be given without people having to navigate away from shopping trolleys, helping to increase sales.

The evidence for the increasing desire to use webchat has been shown in recent data.  Twenty-six percent of customers have been shown to prefer webchat over any other channel.  Meanwhile, 82% of people rated their experience as good or very good.  In addition, companies such as BT, have noted up to a 70% increase in up-sell and cross-sell success when using this platform.

With call centres looking for new ways to access customers and provide support, webchat is a good avenue to take.  For many, it seems it will have future success.

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