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Webchat could shape the future of call centres

34 d2ViY2FtLmpwZw==A new report has said that 77 per cent of customers in Britain actually prefer using online chat services to telephone calls. This marks an important change in the call centre, with the future for telephone answering services possibly being more focussed on webchat than voice conversations. It means that companies must focus on their multichannel approach to customer services.

A study of 2,700 people in both the US and UK showed that 64 per cent of consumers expect mobile devices to have access to webchat, while 76 per cent of this group would use it. In Britain, 67 per cent of those questioned said they’d been satisfied with their online chat experience. However, this increases to 88 per cent when mobile devices alone are taken into account.

With call centres finding new ways to converse with their consumers in a quick, efficient and seamless manner, it seems that webchat is being utilised more and more. Andrew Mennie, the vice president and general manager of EMEA at Moxie, the company behind the study, said: “E-commerce is not just transforming shopping habits but also the UK’s customer service ethos. The next step is to extend that positive experience so that it begins the moment the customer lands on the brand’s website, and not limit it to the contact centre. Only then will the business find the antidote to poor online conversion rates.”

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