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Webchat an increasingly popular customer channel

Social media has expanded considerably over the past few years, forcing call centres to turn to a multi-channel approach.  Whilst telephone answering services continue to see high call volume, many customers want to find answers to their queries by other methods.  Webchat is one area that businesses might like to consider, and the channel is increasing in popularity.

New research has been revealed by British Telecommunications (BT) that showed customers are increasingly using webchat to talk with agents and find solutions to their problems.  In addition, utilising the channel can also drive sales, as some customers may talk with agents as soon as they land on a website, enabling them to gather enough information to quickly make a decision about buying a service or product.

Nicola Millard, a customer experience expert, explained that more call centres are now using webchat than ever.  “Webchat is considered to be an equivalent and often superior method of working compared to calls.  Webchat also sits comfortably alongside social media, as it allows organisations to draw customers into a more private dialogue, where they can discuss personal details and specific issues in a one-to-one channel,” she said.

For telephone answering services wanting to diversify and offer the best customer care possible, implementing webchat during 2013 will be a positive step to take.  Even if companies are not actively involved in other areas, such as Twitter and Facebook, having both call and webchat will offer many benefits.

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