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Web chat solutions must improve company efficiency

In the past few months there has been a lot of news regarding call centres and their attempts to extend their customer reach by utilising a multi-channel approach.  This development sees telephone answering services not only manning phone lines, but offering email, web chat and social networking support.  However, web chats must be optimised for efficiency; otherwise they could prove to be a financial drain.

It has been revealed by industry expert Paul White, that despite the popularity of web chat, especially in customers aged between 16 and 30, many companies find it hard to offer a viable service that actually adds anything to their customer support.  “In fact, for most service providers, chat has proved a financial disaster – with web chats taking twice as long as typical voice interactions, and customers ending up dissatisfied as agents aren’t well-enough supported to deliver effective service across the channel,” Mr White explained.

With web chat providing a new way for customers to seek help, advice and support, it is crucial to get this area of customer service correct, whilst also ensuring that it does not become a financial burden.  For web chats to be optimised, it is vital that agents are properly trained and are given the information and support they need to answer customers correctly and swiftly.  For call centres wanting to use the multi-channel approach, it is essential that new channels are not adopted on a whim, but after a carefully developed, strategic plan.


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