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Web chat offers quick contact times

Call centerNew research has shown that many customers are able to connect with call centre agents via web chat extremely quickly, helping the platform expand its reach as its positive branding grows. In fact, a survey by ContactBabel found that the average wait time is just ten seconds for 22 per cent of telephone answering services in the UK, allowing consumers to get help and support swiftly.

At the turn of the century, the response time to email was often days or weeks. This deterred many people from contacting companies by any other means than telephone. However, the digital age has well and truly arrived, and it seems that web chat is excelling in its speed and quality. Whilst a small percentage of firms can engage with users in ten seconds, 37 per cent revealed an average wait time of between only 10 and 20 seconds. Compared to the average 35-second wait to have a call answered, this is extremely favourable.

With web chat being a relatively new medium, there is little data on the quality expectations of consumers using the platform. However, with modern customers expecting a high level of service regardless of how they are engaging with agents, it will be vital to ensure that web chat standards are high.

If 93 per cent of web chats initiate in under a minute, call centres can expect customers to flock to the channel. Therefore, it is important to make the right preparations to handle increased volumes and provide consistently high-quality service.

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