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Web chat increasing in use as a call centre tool

Whilst many consumers prefer to use telephone answering services, it has been revealed that web chat is becoming more popular, particularly for call centres in North America.  In a new survey it was revealed that 43% of US firms now offer the feature, allowing agents to chat directly with customers using websites.

Comparing data for a similar survey taken five years ago, it was revealed that web chat use has grown from just 15%.  Throughout that timescale the actual volume of traffic has increased by 125%, indicating that a large number of customers are happy to use the feature when they are interacting online.  In addition to companies who are already using web chat, 18% of survey respondents said they would be implementing the feature in the coming year.

Steve Morrell, the author of the report, said: “The real-time nature of web chat means it is akin to a voice conversation in immediacy, giving it an advantage over email.  Multiple concurrent web chat sessions can be run, cutting cost per interaction, which means there are sound commercial reasons for businesses to support this channel.”

The latest data shows that web chat is of growing importance for call centres.  Whilst many people prefer a voice conversation, there is an increasing demand for consumers to be able to log onto a website and immediately talk with agents.

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