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Web Chat A Necessity

According to the latest research, online companies ignore online chat as a medium for customer communication at their peril.

According to Matthew Haines, European Managing Director, nGenera CIM

“Online chat can no longer be considered just an “extra” communication channel for contact centres. It continues to grow in popularity and importance for the increasing numbers of customers who prefer an instant, online experience over a phone interaction.”

Report findings show that:

  • While 58% of older web users would call or email a company for help,
  • this drops to just 43% for 18-24 year olds
  • The younger age range were much more
    inclined to want to contact a company using live chat, with a fifth saying this was their preferred method compared to only 10% of the older generations.

Why Use Web Chat?
Web Chat can provide customers with added benefits over the telephone and email. Most consumers distrust emailing queries to a generic customer services email address, since responses may take days or even be ignored.

Web Chat provides quicker response times, immediate identification of where the customer is in the buying process or which product they are viewing. By using Web Chat, multiple conversations can be held making the contact centre agent more efficient.

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For more details on the nGenera CIM report click here

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