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Weatherproofing a call centre is essential

Britain has been hit by ice and snow in the past few weeks, causing difficulties for many people and high absence rates at a lot of companies.  It is vital for those who are outsourcing to call centres to ensure that telephone answering services have weatherproofing in place so that customer service lines can still be offered despite bad weather.

No matter what the weather, customers expect to be able to talk to call centre agents.  In fact, in many scenarios where bad weather may have stopped people going to work, consumers may use the extra time to complete little tasks such as calling agents to discuss problems or queries.  Therefore, it is essential for telephone answering services to be properly staffed at these times.

There are several solutions to tackling absence rates when bad weather occurs.  Firstly, call centres can attempt to increase the level of self-service.  By looking at the reasons behind call traffic, systems can be implemented to help customers get the answers that they need.  Another popular solution is to make call centre software available to agents at home.  Cloud-based technology makes homeworking ideal for many people, and it can help ensure continuing customer service even when weather is bad and call centres are empty.

Taking the time to ensure that any call centre being outsourced has weatherproofing systems in place is a very good idea.  Empty call centres or long waits can be highly frustrating to customers, and by implementing backup plans, telephone answering services can still work to peak efficiency, even in bad weather.

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