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Ways to reduce agent attrition

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The call centre industry has a notoriously high agent attrition rate. Recruitment costs are high for companies, and inexperienced employees can negatively affect customer services quality. Therefore, it is in a call centre’s best interest to keep attrition rates as low as possible. Putting a reward system in place can help by setting defined goals and keeping a clear conversation flowing between staff members.

A Contact Babel report from 2015-2016 said that turnover rates have now reached 22 per cent. This is often due to the fact that telephone answering services agents face difficult challenges on a day-to-day basis. For example, receiving numerous calls from frustrated customers can soon affect even the most diligent of people. For this reason, it is essential for brands to engage with their workers.

Many firms use a rewards system to keep staff engaged, but it is important to recognise that not all agents are the same and rewards need to be varied. Schemes need to take into account the individuality of agents and offer incentives that provide a real attraction to employees. It is just as important to identify clear objectives and goals, making it obvious to all members of a team what they are working toward.

In addition, signs of success also need to be identified, along with the various steps needed to reach a goal. Finally, clear conversations need to be held between staff members, and meetings should be turned into a discussion and feedback forum.

Low attrition rates can help everyone, from customers and employees to a company’s bottom line. By tailoring rewards, offering clear goals and keeping the conversation open, call centre agent turnover can be reduced.

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