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Ways to improve performance management

Performance management is an important topic for all call centres. Even for telephone answering services that have spent time developing this, there are often areas that still have room for improvement. By making an effort to promote performance management to the next level, increasing success can be seen.

First, if call centres want to improve their agents’ performance, it is vital to save time. This can be done using a variety of methods. One way to achieve this is by using mobile number screening. This is particularly useful for call-backs and outbound dialling, when screening stops agents spending time on phones that are roaming, off or invalid. Talk time can be boosted by 30 per cent and efficiency savings of up to 15 per cent are often noted as a result. Meanwhile, providing consumers with a way to directly contact specific agents can be extremely helpful. Not only does it build trust, but it also allows ongoing problems to be sorted out more quickly.

One great way to motivate managers and agents is to use league-table style reports. In collection environments, top performers can be allowed access to top quality dialling data. Meanwhile, new starters can have recycled leads and work their way into higher dialling data levels through success. Utilising real-time dashboards can give a better indicator of basic performance, helping call centre agents and their managers remain on track.

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