GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Watch This Space

Coming very soon…
Despite many competitors cuttting back in the current climate, GoResponse is carrying on it’s ethos of investing harder to ensure that our clients receive more value for their expenditure.

In the next 8 weeks, we will be adopting a complete upgrade to our telephony systems that will provide –

  • Almost bullet-proof reduduncy
  • Enhanced mult-channel support – including much improved chat and email handling
  • Bleeding edge call recording – including full agent screen recording and quality assessment, further assisting quality monitoring and client feedback
  • More sophisticted call routing – forensic routing of the call to the best agent available
  • Improved reporting
  • Total integration of the UK centre with our Spanish centre – improving service levels and capacity

We are excited by this investment which will put us way in front of competetion and on par with the capabilities you would expect from a major BPO outsourcer.

The results will be a better experience and more transparancy for our clients, more on-the-job insight for our supervisors and client services team and happier operators!

Watch this space…

Mark Kirby

award winning