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Voyager to introduce Enghouse to its customers

Smiling Customer service representative with headset onIt has been announced that Enghouse Interactive has added Voyager Networks on to its Europe, Middle East and Asia silver partner programme. This means that Voyager, a network technology solutions and managed services provider, will be able to offer Enghouse Interactive’s products to its existing customer base and help call centres boost their productivity.

As part of the new relationship, Voyager has agreed to develop a new marketing plan that will see Enghouse’s Quality Management Suite and Interactive Communications Center offered to both existing and new consumers. Whilst the focus will be on introducing these tools to their current network, Voyager will also begin exploring new business opportunities in the hopes of bringing its intuitive and forward-thinking technology to new organisations.

Enghouse Interactive’s International Partner Director Tony Davies explained: “Based on their successful track record in project delivery, their skills and expertise and market focus, Voyager is in the best position to deliver our solution and maximise the return on investment to customers. We look forward to building a long and successful partnership.”

Meanwhile, Voyager Director Peter Howells explained that the company had been on the lookout for next-generation applications that are full of useful features to help strengthen their place in the market. By joining with Enghouse, they will be able to access a host of suites that can significantly improve telephone answering services and other businesses’ operational processes. The partnership should benefit the firm itself and its consumer network.

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