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VoiceSage includes AI and chatbots in its future

Chatbot concept. social media mesh and man using chatting on smaMany call centres have a keen interest in the future, with a particular eye on new software that could increase productivity and efficiency. VoiceSage has now unveiled its high-tech product roadmap, saying that customers can expect Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbots and Internet of Things (IoT) products in the future.

In 2016, telephone answering services have taken a great amount of interest in chatbots as a way to boost customer services whilst also better managing agent time. These pieces of software are used at the front end of customer services and appear to be human, allowing brands to supplement their contact centre’s resources by placing human agents on more complex tasks.

Chatbots are increasing in ability, with many able to not only guide customers to self-service options but also answer simple questions whilst rerouting people to agents if matters become more difficult. VoiceSage expects to bring these to call centres by the end of 2017’s second quarter.

Meanwhile, in quarter three, VoiceSage will launch a Business Rules tool that will allow firms to boost automating, routing and call capturing processes. In quarter four, the firm will add practical AI to its product set. This will enable users to start using sentiment analysis.

VoiceSage Sales and Marketing Director Steve Robertson said: “Our functionality extensions are going to mean brands will be able to work at big data scale, and in a high quality way, delivering a consistent and rich customer experience, as well as realising efficiencies from automating messages for their customers.”

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