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Voice biometrics to surpass passwords at Barclays

Voice authentificationBarclays has revealed plans to roll out voice biometrics across its call centres. This will surpass traditional banking passwords and provide customers with voice authentication at the beginning of calls for next-generation security.

With fraud on many telephone answering services’ minds, it is more important than ever to provide increased safeguards to protect customers. Previously, callers to Barclays call centres verified themselves either by providing their 16-digit debit card number or a passcode. However, the new automated system will record a customer’s voice and store it for later use. Then, when people contact the call centre, the Nuance Freespeech voice biometrics software will hold a “conversation” with them to verify their details.

This is not the first time that Barclays has used the software. In fact, it was first used for the bank’s wealth management arm back in 2013. However, starting this September, it will be rolled out to all customers because it is quicker and provides better fraud security.

Barclays Chief Executive of Personal Banking, Steven Cooper, said: “We can all relate to the frustration of forgetting a password at the crucial moment. Voice security can cut out that part of the call completely and, unlike a password, each person’s voice is as unique as a fingerprint.”

The banking giant is leading the way with next-generation tools to fight fraud, which is a particularly worry for consumers when contacting the firms they bank with. However, voice biometrics can provide increased safety for all call centres, helping to build trust and reputation with customers.

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