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Voice biometrics increasingly used in fraud prevention

Fraud stampAn increasing problem in the digital era is fraud, with more people becoming victims of identify theft. This means that call centres need to boost security levels as much as possible so they can verify who they are talking to. For this reason, telephone answering services are turning to voice biometrics. Although this was once an expensive tool, it is now considered to have such good ROI that it’s worth the investment for those wanting to safeguard consumers.

Voice biometrics work by analysing people’s voices as soon as a call connects. Although it can’t be used for initial calls, on any subsequent contact, the service can match someone’s voice against previously held records. It utilises volume levels, sound, pronunciation, and speech patterns. This enables biometric tools to positively match callers against previous recordings, thus helping agents to establish a person’s identity.

There is a perception that voice biometrics technology is extremely expensive, and only companies with a large amount of capital can afford it. However, this is an outdated view; the tool is more affordable now. In addition, business benefits and ROI are potentially very rewarding, meaning that investment can be recouped through improved customer experience and better call centre performance.

For companies that want to tackle fraud and ensure they’re giving customers the best care possible, voice biometrics is one of the best tools for the 21st century.

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