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Vizolution provides new web chat options

For many call centres up and down the country, including web chat in their communication channels is vital.  Customers demand more from telephone answering services than ever before, including having multiple ways of contacting agents.  Now, Vizolution has unveiled vChat; a web chat that allows the sharing of electronic signatures and images.

Web chat is increasingly being used by call centres and consumers to communicate, although in its character-based form, it is a little limited.  By opening up the option of sharing images and signatures, it not only means that information can be more easily shared, but it even provides the possibility for people to sign agreements via the internet.  Meanwhile, the use of images as part of any communication could make the customer experience far better than ever, helping to easily convey issues that may have been too complex before.

Vizolution’s chief executive, Bill Safran, said: “Our trial results show improved first-call resolution and a very positive experience for the customer.  Current web chat solutions are extremely hampered by their ability to only show text messages, which means that it is only appropriate for very basic communications, i.e. not financial services.  However, vChat allows an adviser to use advanced multimedia to explain highly complex products/issues to the customer.”

For call centres looking for next-generation technology, vChat may be the ideal solution, helping firms offer better customer care than ever.

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