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Virtual reality to benefit agent training

Headset lying on a laptop computerTechnology in the modern world continues to evolve swiftly. In fact, it often seems like a new gadget or innovation is debuting on a weekly basis. Now, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions firm Arvato’s Head of Client Relations, Parham Saeb, has suggested that virtual reality could become a leading way to train call centre agents.

Training is one of the most important aspects when it comes to boosting customer services quality. One of the leading challenges for many telephone answering services is allowing agents to experience realistic consumer situations and develop their skills without actually unleashing workers on members of the public before they get the proper preparation. Doing so could well result in a negative consumer experience and a dip in overall consumer care quality.

However, virtual reality might be on hand to help. This technology offers a way to completely disconnect agents from the outside world and train them in an environment where their development will not affect true customer services quality. Then, when agents are ready, they can be moved into real scenarios, with top-up training offered when needed.

The big advantage of virtual reality is that it provides a heightened sense of realism. Gamification can also be incorporated to drive the learning experience toward increased success.

Like many call centre operations, success is being driven by access to the latest technological advances and software. In the same way that next-gen tools are boosting customer experiences and journeys, virtual reality could be used to significantly alter the way in which agents are trained.

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