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Virtual offices to replace normal call centres

A prediction by the Vice President of IT Optimisation, Dr Steven Turner, who works for a UK consultancy called Intergence, states that by 2020 most employees will be working outside of their company. In fact he states that approximately 80% of the employees in the world will be working outside their organisation in such places as virtual offices. Cloud services are making it possible for individuals to work outside of their normal office area. There are definitely signs of this change, considering the fact that many call centres have recently added virtual offices and office assistants to their list of options in handling customer services.

Telephone answering services are no longer the same in that the cloud allows just about any worker to be at home while still working for the customer they represent. All it takes is a little software, internet connection, and a computer. With the overheads call centres save because of these off-site virtual offices it is possible to lower costs to their clients in the UK.

You could even find a call centre that is based locally with lower overheads if you decide to go with virtual office options over the full scale call centres. It does depend on what you require for your customer service, however. You want to have plenty of workers on hand to answer phone calls and ensure that customer service is a priority, rather than just the savings you can make with the right call centre virtual office set up.

We will, however, have to wait a few more years to see if Dr Turner’s prediction is accurate.

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