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Virtual offices and call centres have many benefits

The number of virtual offices and call centres is growing, providing more flexibility to both company and employees. Whilst business leaders may be sceptical about just how well a virtual office will work, there can be many benefits. As companies move into the New Year, getting rid of traditional workplaces and utilising virtual spaces could be a positive step to make.

There are, of course, some concerns when it comes to utilising virtual telephone answering services and offices. Because the work is outsourced, business leaders cannot keep a keen eye on their employees. There may be worries that workers aren’t doing the hours that they’re paid for, and some executives may feel that not being on hand to offer instant support will negatively affect customer service.

However, there are also many benefits to using virtual spaces. Firstly, there can be a number of savings, with virtual offices costing far less to rent than traditional office space. In fact, if companies decide to hire home workers, there will be no office expense at all. Virtual offices and call centres can help reduce employee turnover rate because people can work in a more flexible routine. Meanwhile, employers can also ensure that their phone lines are serviced 24/7 by using staff in different time zones.

The advantages of virtual spaces should not be overlooked, and both time and money can be saved. By outsourcing call centre work in 2013, business leaders can make a strong start to the year.

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