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Virtual assistant options with call centres

In your company you might decide that setting up your own call centre is the smarter option. It is all about the size of your company. A smaller company may not be able to afford outsourcing as it has done in the past. They may also want to keep their employees on the staff rather than sending jobs to a different company. There are a couple of ways to look at this. First, with virtual assistant software you can answer the phones without missing any clients. The system will answer in a British voice, asking what the client needs and, therefore, help you get to the phone in time. It is similar to having a call centre in your company.

The downside is that your client will know it is an automated system. Rather than focusing on the negatives of outsourcing consider the real help you can find with virtual assistant or virtual office call centres. These call centres use a person that works from home to handle the phone calls, meaning your telephone answering services can be more affordable and based in the UK with a British speaking person answering the phones every time. It eliminates the need for outsourcing to India, the Philippines or any other country. You keep jobs within the UK, but you also have the affordability of hiring staff members with the expertise you need. To find them you just have to search through UK call centres and take advantage of the lower overhead options.

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