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Virtual agents gain best CSAT scores

For many in the call centre industry, having all their agents under one roof is the traditional way of doing things. However, with modern technology allowing people to connect from remote locations, an increasing number of telephone answering services utilise virtual agents, particularly when traffic volumes increase. There are many benefits of this, including the fact that homeworking agents often get the best customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

There are a number of benefits that come with virtual agents. For example, the position tends to attract older individuals who have more life experience. The average age of homeworkers is around 40, and individuals are often more equipped to deal with a variety of callers.

Another benefit is that by removing the daily commute, call centres actually provide workers with a better quality of life. Customer services is often directly affected by how an agent feels about a company, as their feelings, no matter how subtle, can get passed on via telephone calls. If agents haven’t had to conduct a tiring commute, they are often more capable of providing better customer services.

Finally, on a technological basis, homeworking agents often have better bandwidth at home than if they were in an office.

There are, of course, some misgivings when it comes to virtual agents. Nonetheless, by choosing the right agents, call centres can dramatically improve their consumer care.

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