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Video integration added to NICE systems

call CentreAlthough video calls remain an emerging option for call centres, their use can be extremely helpful, particularly when customers require help with physical issues such as the maintenance of a product. With this in mind, telephone answering services might like to add video calling to their communication options. Now, NICE Systems have integrated video contact with their Engage Platform, making the addition of video calls in the workplace a simple process.

In a step forward for integration, VidyoWorks has been combined with the Engage Platform. This means that firms are able to utilise video engagement for conversing with customers whilst benefiting from NICE’s recording options. By providing such a tool, NICE has been able to boost regulatory compliance and customer services quality. Although some individuals might not want to talk via video, the option to be physically shown how a product fits together, for example, could save people a lot of time.

Eran Westman, Vidyo’s chief executive, said: “This integration presents a great opportunity for Vidyo to introduce our video communications platform to NICE’s existing customers. The collaboration will provide financial organisations with the technology they need to seamlessly add video to their customer engagement strategy.”

Customer services remains an extremely important area for call centres to address. Many consumer conversations could be resolved more quickly and efficiently than ever before with the help of video calling.

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