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Video ignored by majority of call centres

Many call centres have evolved a long way from the traditional telephone communication methods of the past. In the modern era, it is important to contact consumers via a wide range of methods, such as webchat, email and even social media. However, whilst video also offers telephone answering services a way to work with consumers, the vast majority of firms don’t use it and don’t have any plans to implement it.

A recent poll found that 59 per cent of those asked said they weren’t using video and had no plans to implement the feature. Meanwhile, 24 per cent revealed it wasn’t currently in use, although it was being investigated. Just 17 per cent of people said that video was being used, with only three per cent of this group saying they had been using it for more than a year.

Video calling is a large step to take for call centres. Whilst all other forms of communication can operate behind closed doors with agents sitting at their desk and sending out tweets, emails or talking to people on the phone, video requires additional considerations including employee dress code and the backdrop that callers would see. However, in the case of more complex conversations that could benefit from some type of visual aid, video channels can work well as long as companies ensure that they are conducted in a professional manner.

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