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Video, gamification, and voice biometrics not being utilised by call centres

Side view of customer service assistantsDespite modern advances offering call centres many more tools to utilise, it has been revealed that a lot of companies are shunning technologies including video, gamification services, and voice biometrics. In the past 12 months, these three features have been debated a lot by telephone answering services. However, many businesses appear unwilling to give them a try.

In the new Customer Service 2015 report produced by Business Systems, 100 call centres were asked which technologies they want to use this year. Just 4.8 per cent said they were aiming to implement voice biometrics. 5.8 per cent had similar views on video tools, whilst 7.7 per cent said they would be looking to use gamification tools. Meanwhile, online tools seem to be gaining popularity, with webchat leading the way as almost one third of companies have it on their technology wish list.

Steve Morrell, ContactBabel’s founder and principal analyst, said: “The most popular technologies on people’s wish list for 2015 are not all new. Agent coaching, quality and performance tools have been around for a long time, but the changing nature of contact centre work – more complex, longer calls as well as increasing multichannel work – means traditional ways of measuring success and quality are changing.” Newer tools such as webchat have also made their mark, but these technologies account for less than 3 per cent of all inbound interactions.

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