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Verint moves customer engagement tools to cloud

Cloud conceptVerint Systems has announced that all of its Customer Engagement Optimisation Solutions are now available in the cloud. This will give call centres better access to these tools than ever before, enabling companies to optimise their procedures and operations as competition in the digital era continues to increase.

As a way to boost cloud flexibility, Verint said it is now offering one of the most comprehensive selections of engagement tools across on-premises, hybrid and cloud models. Telephone answering services will be able to choose from the wide selection of options so they can utilise a model that is as close to perfect as possible.

The process began several years ago, when Verint placed the first applications onto the cloud. Now, with the entire portfolio available, engagement management workforce optimisation, customer analytics and a host of other tools can all be accessed online.

Verint’s President and Chief Executive, Dan Bodner, said: “We started investing in our cloud strategy several years ago and are very proud to have over 1,000 active cloud deployment, and to announce cloud readiness across our entire Customer Engagement Optimisation portfolio. We believe our cloud strategy addresses enterprise customer needs and positions Verint as an even more strategic partner.”

During a time when companies of all sizes are considering utilising cloud tools, Verint’s latest offerings could be extremely attractive. Moreover, by having their entire portfolio online, organisations across the world can use the vendor as a one-stop shop for all their business management needs.

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