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Verint expands portfolio with gamification

performance level conceptual meterCall centre software provider Verint has revealed they are adding gamification software to their portfolio. The new offering means that telephone answering services will be able to utilise tools to boost agent productivity in a fun way. This could help boost employee morale as well as overall performance.

Gamification is used in companies to drive business operations in a fun and fulfilling way. By utilising common game mechanics, such as reward systems, agents can be taught to solve problems and conduct their work in a productive but enjoyable manner. With Verint’s latest product, game mechanics are being applied to communicate goals, drive employee engagement, motivate teams, inspire collaboration, and even measure achievements. The software has been designed so that call centres can create custom employee work environments, allowing them to track the performance at a variety of levels including individuals and groups.

Verint’s Oren Stern explained: “Verint is pleased to offer and support a full-fledged gamification solution as part of our broader customer engagement optimisation portfolio. Gamification is a logical and natural extension to our existing portfolio, and carries strong synergies across our customer analytics, engagement management and workforce optimisation solutions.”

For call centres that want to boost staff morale and productivity, including gamification systems into everyday working life can be important. Verint’s new tool now makes it easy to integrate gamification into every business aspect.

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