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Verint enhances speech analytics tool

voice verificationModern technology is allowing call centres to connect with and serve customers like never before. One tool that offers telephone answering services a way to become proactive is real-time speech analytics. Brands can use this to identify opportunities to benefit the customer and the company. Now, Verint has announced a number of enhancements to its own real-time speech analytics software.

Call centres can take advantage of speech insights to guide their interactions toward a positive outcome. With Verint’s latest upgrade, the engine is capable of identifying not only sentiment but also the absence or presence of key words.

DMG Consulting President Donna Fluss said: “Real-time speech analytics is revolutionary because it has the potential to alter the outcome of a phone conversation while the caller is still on the line.” This is down to the analytical insights provided, with agents able to bring conversations to a positive and full resolution.

Verint has also ensured that these real-time capabilities can be accessed with a relatively low cost. It is natively embedded within the company’s recorder, meaning that call centres can easily add it onto their package at a low cost. In addition, by using the real-time speech analytics tool alongside software such as Verint Desktop and Process Analytics and Verint Speech Analytics, its function can be extended. For example, knowledge from the speech analytics tool can be utilised to build guidance for the real-time version.

Modern consumers expect excellent and succinct communications with companies, regardless of whether they are buying products or making a complaint. By using real-time speech analytics, firms can maximise opportunities.

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