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Verint discovers contact complexity affects tipping point

social media conceptModern call centres have had to diversify their contact channels considerably over the past few years, enabling consumers to contact them through different means such as telephone calls, email, webchat and social media channels. Now, a study from Verint that collated data from more than 24,000 people around the world has shown that channel choice is often determined by the complexity of the request.

The Verint report, which is entitled “The Digital Tipping Point: How Do Organisations Balance the Demand for Digital and Human Customer Service?”, shows that the channel through which consumers contact brands often depends on the complexity of their issue. Simple enquiries, for example, often result in a telephone call or might be conducted over social media. However, as matters become more difficult, in-store options are also popular.

According to the report, customers with simple enquiries contact brands by telephone, email and SMS, with 22 per cent, 19 per cent and 19 per cent of responses respectively. However, the need for more human interaction increases as requests become more complex. As a result, 34 per cent of people like to visit service and retail locations, whilst 33 per cent pick up the phone. Whilst digital channels are sometimes used for complex issues, only 7 per cent of people turn to email.

This information shows just how important it is for telephone answering services to maintain traditional telephone channels if they want to continue meeting consumer demands. Whilst digital platforms might enable quick responses, customers still want human contact when problems become more difficult to solve. In these cases, they need agents who are willing to pick up the phone.

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